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  Welfare Projects

An old age home and a day care centre is being run at Takiya Nigohi village in Fatehpur Chaurasi block of Unnao district. The old age home houses 25 old people, who have been abandoned by their families and have no one to look to. On the other hand, the day care centre provides a platform to the old from the area to gather during day time for entertainment, learning and exchange.

In addition to regular care in the shape of shelter, food and medical care, occasionally the old inmates are helped by distributing clothes, blankets, sandals, etc.

Programme for Disabled Persons

Person with disability are the most marginalised sections of the society cutting across caste creed and community. They belong to a heterogeneous group composed of those born with a disability as well as those who become disabled as a result of accidents. The disabled are forced to live a life full of abject poverty and contempt from their abled counterparts.

The government run programmes for the benefit of the disabled do not really reach the disabled in remote rural areas. As a result, these facilities are virtually denied to the disabled.

NPSS has tried to cover this group of society through its various projects by providing special health coverage, vocational training, education and various income generating activities through Jan Shikshan Sansthan, continuing education programme, Public High School Unnao and Public Computer Centre, Lucknow.

Several workshops for these persons have been organised at village and school levels to instil confidence among them so that they may undertake such activities which may make them self-reliant. It has also made special provision for admission of 10 such candidates in Public Computer Centre and has provided study free training to them. Besides this it is also helping them by providing study material and securing employment wherever available.


(Top) A view of the Old Age Home and (bottom) people gathered at the Day Care Centre