Uttarakhand Programmes


Activities in Uttarakhand are conducted through the Uttarakhand office in Hardwar and are confined to Hardwar district.

Vocational Training Programme

NPSS is running various vocational training courses such as computer training, beautician course, cutting and tailoring, etc., and is providing training to persons of diverse segment of community with a focus on disadvantaged section and thus has provide to be of immense help to local population.

Health and Family Welfare Programmes

After making inroads in the field of various welfare activities for the poor and disadvantaged section of the community, it has also entered in the field of health and family welfare activities. A number of health awareness camps have been organised at different locations in Hardwar district with the following objectives:

  • To provide mother's healthcare and conducting safe deliveries
  • To provide children's care through immunisation and proper nutrition
  • To prevent them from incidence of Reproductive Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • To achieve the ultimate goal of population stabilisation

In order to achieve the above, the organisation is conducting a number of IEC activities and awareness camps at unreached and underserved areas of the districts and provided antenatal care services, TT immunisation, precautions to safe deliveries, Child immunisations to children between the age group of 0-5 years and conducted family planning camps wherein vasectomy, tubectomy, IUD insertions and distribution of condoms and oral pills were made.

Women Empowerment Programme

In order to instil confidence among women and make them self-reliant, the organisation has formed 25 women collectives in Hardwar district for making them economically independent and self-reliant.  The organisation has also made them conscious about their health, family welfare and their legal rights.  In order to develop confidence among them the organisation has conducted number of awareness generation meetings, workshops and established contacts with government departments and other agencies working in the field of women empowerment.  In these programme thousands of women have participated and they have been told about their role in the society, reproductive rights, rights to property, rights to income and role in self-governance and reservation for women in different programmes.

Drug Abuse Prevention Programme

The organisation has conducted drug abuse counselling programmes on highways and rural areas of Hardwar district with the aim to generate awareness about the ill effects of drug abuse by organising awareness camps, doing wall writings and adopting other common measures to communicate the ills of drug addiction.  The organisation has also identified drug addicts and providing guidance and other medical facilities. Besides this it has also identified persons who can work as volunteers to disseminate the knowledge and measures to overcome this abuse. It is also proposed to put them on regular follow-up so that they don't become drug addict again.  The organisation is also distributing various pamphlets and leaflets developed by it.

Welfare of Older Persons

The organisation is carrying out welfare activities for the older person in different locations of Hardwar district.  It has helped them to avail of the facilities available under different schemes.  Besides the above it has also organised health camps at different locations to provide medical checkups and health care services to aged persons.  Seeing the successful performance of the organisation the Government of India has sanctioned an Old Age Home for the Hardwar district for the year 2007-08.