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  Strategy and Direction  

NPSS strives for holistic development of people through mass mobilisation, institution building, community partnership, convergence and networking and creating a learned and responsible society. It expects these people to ensure women empowerment, population control and creation of sustainable economic growth to improve the quality of life.

For building capacity of each and every person of the community, with particular emphasis on women, the strategies adopted include:

  • Convergence of all development efforts for holistic development,
  • Community participation at all stages of project planning and implementation, and
  • Monitoring and evaluation and thereby focusing on sustainable interventions

Genuine involvement of community in all stages of the projects (designing, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation) is essential for developing capacity of the disadvantaged groups. In view of this, the organisation ensures active community participation at all stages, and for this, context specific strategies and process oriented approaches are followed.

Effective Partnership

Development is a two way process: it could not achieve by one sided intervention, and hence it needs effective partnership, which can foster the development process. NPSS believes in the development of effective partnership not only with the donors but also with the communities, keeping the transparency of coordination and sharing. Due to this ability the organisation developed true convergence with the Government, Indian NGOs, corporates and other grassroots level organisations. All these relationships are constantly evaluated in terms of cost and results achieved.

Sustainable Development Approach

The NPSS programmes aim to see the long term development of the deprived section of the community and are succeeding in this regard with varying degrees. The organisation is developing more effective mechanism to institutionalise participatory monitoring and evaluation structures and systems to demonstrate their impact. System and structure will facilitate reflection and documentation of learning within and outside organisation. NPSS is making attempt to streamline its systems to monitor its resources utilisation in comparison with the impact achieved. The organisation will ultimately strive for developing sustainable and replicable models by its programmes.

Establish Responsive and Supportive Organisational Culture

The needs for improved performance practices such as motivation staff development, etc., are essential for the organisation to meet the challenge more effectively.


Mass mobilisation is one of the major stragies of work