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Solid Waste Management


Solid Waste Management is one of the most essential services for maintaining the quality of life in the urban areas and for ensuring better standards of health and sanitation.  In India, this service falls short of the desired level, as the systems adopted are outdated and inefficient.  Institutional weakness, shortage of human and financial resources, improper choice of technology, inadequate coverage and lack of short and long term planning responsible for the inadequacy of service.

The following are the objectives of the project:

  • To eliminate the age old practice of throwing garbage in the nullahs, streets and outside the dustbins
  • To devise systems of storage of bio-degradable (kitchen waste) and non-biodegradable (other recyclable waste) separately at the source
  • To develop cost effective and efficient system of primary collection of waste
  • To ensure day-to-day cleaning of streets and public places
  • To promote processing of waste for deriving bio-organic fertiliser or energy and to reduce quantity of waste going to landfill site thereby derive income from the processing of waste and keep the areas clean and hygienic 
  • To promote public and private partnership

The organisation undertook the above task covering 2,200 households including shops, offices and restaurants in Hari Parwat Ward-III of Agra as a pilot project for whole district with a view to demonstrate a successful MSW management system in Agra district. Besides the above the organisation also undertook the above project in urban areas of Kanpur and Saharanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh through DEHAAT a local NGO in Saharanpur and AWARD, an NGO in Kanpur Nagar.


(Top) old way of collecting solid waste in cities and (bottom) garbage being collected in a systematic manner under the project