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  Sodic Land Reclamation  

Recognising the need of improving the fertility in these sodic lands and strengthening the rural economic condition for improving the lives of poor farmers the organisation took up Sodic Land Reclamation Programme in 133 villages of five blocks of Unnao district since 1994 in collaboration with European Union. The first phase of the programme reclaimed 9872.04 hectares of sodic land belonging to 19,912 farmers till the year 2001.

The project has now entered in phase-II supported by the World Bank through Uttar Pradesh Land Development Corporation. In this phase up to the current financial year the organisation worked in 86 villages covering 6,294 beneficiaries and 4682.161 hectares of sodic land was reclaimed.

While the UPLDC is implementing the hardware component of the project, NPSS is looking after the software component of project by farming water user groups, women and male self help groups (SHGs) and site implementation committees (SICs), which are involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of project activities in participatory manner.        

A side feature of Sodic Land Reclamation Project is construction of link roads in rural areas. NPSS has created awareness among the rural masses about utility of these roads and sought their cooperation in acquiring the land for the road. While helping the department in construction of these link roads it took a special care for protecting the environment by plantation on both sides of the road so that longevity of the roads may be maintained and ecological balance preserved. It also helped the farmers in getting payment for the land acquired and redressing their grievance in this regard, if any.

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(Top) a patch of sodic land before reclamation and (bottom) after reclamation