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  Rain Water Harvesting  

Water is a very essential for our life. Ground water is one of the major sources of drinking water. However over the years the water level is steeply declining and the situation has become alarming in many parts of the state and the country.

In order to check the continued decline in water level NPSS undertook awareness generation programme in 30 village in Fatehpur Chaurasi block and four town areas of Unnao city for renovation of old ponds, digging of new ponds and construction of check dams wherever necessary through active community participation. Besides this it also emphasised the concept of water harvesting and ground water recharge by adopting alternate cropping practices.

The people have reacted positively and contributed their labour in digging of ponds, clearing of old ponds and construction of check dams for restoring the rain water and pumps. Apart from this they also initiated efforts for construction of water harvesting and ground water recharging for effectively maintaining the water level. These efforts while on the hand made inhabitants of the adjoining village to adopt these practise so that the fast declining water level in the area may be arrested and sufficient drinking water may be available for the villagers.