Kalam Kaushal

A bimonthly magazine Kalam Kaushal for the promotion of adult literacy is being published. This magazine is circulated at the panchayat level in Barabanki, Unnao, Fatehpur, Lucknow and Hardoi districts. Besides having stories and articles on literacy, the magazine also covers various other topics of general interests such as agriculture, culture and values, health, panchayati raj etc. The topics and methodology used in this book are neo-literates friendly and relevant to the different needs of their lives.

Main Prerak Hoon

Continuing education manual Main Prerak Hoon has been published with the support of experts in literacy promotion activities. This manual contains goals and objective of continuing education programme, and roles and responsibilities of the preraks (motivators) of Continuing Education Centres. This manual also contains different activities that may be undertaken at CECs. The purpose behind organising different activities has been elaborated with the guidance to conduct these activities. In other words this manual is capable of providing help as friends, philosopher and guide to the motivators in realising the objective of the containing education programme at grassroots level. 

Kadam Dur Kadam

While implementing Mother NGO RCH scheme in Kanpur division, a manual on RCH Kadam Dur Kadam has been published.  This manual is being used for providing training to field NGO staff to undertake RCH programme in the field level. This book is in three parts and has detailed information about RCH component, role of NGO workers, various techniques of smooth implementation of programme, survey requirement, PRA tools training/awareness generation in the community, etc. The manual has been revised after the revision of the guidelines on RCH by the Government of India.

Continuing Education Booklets

A total of 115 booklets covering different topics such as legal literacy, health, environment, adolescent health, social issues, gender issues, inculcation of culture and values for promotion of literacy and creating awareness on these issues among neo- literates have been published. The techniques and methodology used in these promote development of reading habits. These books have been selected and approved for use at Continuing Education Centre by State Literacy Mission, Uttar Pradesh. These books have been used at Continuing Education Centre, Unnao, Carpet Weaving Centre (under STEP project), Unnao, Short Stay Home, Unnao, Jan Shikshan Sansthan Unnao, Swashaki Project, etc., being run by NPSS and at Continuing Education Centre run by Zilla Saksharata Samiti, Unnao and Barabanki districts.

Manual for Implementation of ISMH Programme

A manual for implementation of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy Programme has been published under Mother NGO ISMH Scheme. This manual has become very popular and it is being used in implementation of ISMH projects by different field level NGOs.