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  Population and Development Education  

For sustainable development of the country the population stabilization is pre-requires. This requires that family Planning and Health Care is accessing to all. It also means increasing outreach of primary and secondary education extending basic amenities etc. To make this meaningful different level by different departments and agencies For attaining the sustaining development of the society it is also important that the population and development education should be provided to the community particularly to the adolescents adults and other person in the reproductive age group.

Directorate of Adult Education Ministry of HRD, Government of India New Delhi has sanction a programme on Population & Development Education to the Jan Shikshan Sansthan Unnao this year, Population and Development Education Programme aims to improve the quality of the people through education by creating critical awareness among the community and make them to realize the problems faced by the society due to explosion for increasing the population those factors responsible for increasing the population those factor affecting the quality of life and consequently hampering the pace of development of the country .To realize the basic objectives of the above programme the JSS Unnao with the technical support of NPSS and resource support of District Health Education & Information officer Unnao Primary Health Centre Fatehpur- 84, Safipur, Miyaganj, Kalukhera, & Nawabganj, ICDS deportment has organized a number of awareness programme including meeting Lecture & discussion group camps & exhibitions etc on the following topics related to Population and Development Education.

  • Discussion with the health system for assessment of the various needs for PDE
  • Discussion with the subject specialist for the Population & Development Education
  • Discussion with the programme team trainers and beneficiaries for the identification potential area for PDE programme
  • Community needs Assessment for carrying out the physical activities
  • Organization events with the participatory processes
  • Workshop Exhibition
  • Organizing number of discussion group on the different topics of the Population & Development Education
  • Village level meeting
  • Conducting IEC programmes
  • Video shows
  • Health camps
  • Ensuring gender balance in the events
  • Focused on improving linkages with the existing service delivery system

Programme Details

Under Population and Development Education programme JSS has organized various activities in the following topics at various locations at district Unnao. Topics covered were:

  • Reproductive health and rights
  • Adolescent reproductive health and rights
  • Family life education and age at marriage
  • Women equality and empowerment
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  • Prevailing beliefs and traditions
  • Population policy
  • Women empowerment policy