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Physical Resources

The headquarters of NPSS is situated on the banks of the Gomti river in Daliganj locality of Lucknow. It has sufficient office space with modern office equipments and fixtures. Elsewhere, functional offices exist as per need of the projects underway.

Apart from these several ‘permanent’ infrastructural facilities, all in Unnao district, which is the most intensive operational area, have come up for specialised activities:

Samagra Vikas Kendra

Samagra Vikas Kendra (meaning holistic development centre) is located at Takiya Nigohi village of Fatehpur Chaurasi development block of Unnao district. This is a mother unit of the organisation where from various activities in the form of extension, promotion, development and furtherance are taken up. This is a centre of practical demonstration and learning for the organisation. The key learnings achieved by the Samagra Vikas Kendra help in constitution and formulation of strategies for new projects.

Soil Testing Lab

A well-equipped soil testing lab is run by the organisation in Unnao district, as a self managed revenue model, where priced soil testing facilities are available. The catchment area of soil testing laboratory is almost 5 km radius. The laboratory was established under the aegis of Uttar Pradesh Land Development Corporation to cater to the need of Sodic Land Reclamation Project.  The lab has all the infrastructure and qualified professional staff. Nearly 25,000 samples have been analysed so far.

Short Stay Home

A short stay home is run by NPSS in Unnao district for destitute women who suffer social, economical and emotional problems due to family disputes, mental stress, social ostracism, etc. The inmates of short stay home are supported till their rehabilitation in their respective families. Vocational training in collaboration with Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Unnao, is available for the inmates to develop their self esteem and pride.

Family Counselling Centre

A family counselling centre is being run in Unnao district for resolution of family level conflicts. The counsellor of the centre regulatory visits the urban and rural areas to maintain contact with the people. For resolution of the disputes the centre has an apex level committee of representatives from judiciary, police, district administration and eminent social workers of the district.

Old Age Home

An old age home for resource less and poor aged persons is being run Takiya Nigohi village in Unnao district. At any given time 25 aged people aged between 60 and 80 years live in the home. Besides the loving atmosphere, the home is providing residential facilities, nutrients, medical check ups, reading room facilities to the inmates. Efforts are made to reintegrate the inmates with their families.

Day Care Centre

Day Care Centres have been established at Fatehpur Chaurasi and Safipur blocks of Unnao district. Services like nutrition, reading room, involvement in recreational activities, health care and vocational training are provided to the aged people to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Human Resource

NPSS has 258 people strong human resource base. This includes 100 qualified and professional vocational instructors in various trades. Besides this, it is also enriched by the experience of 25 highly qualified and trained specialists/consultants of various disciplines.


Headquarters of NPSS in Lucknow