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Strategy and Direction
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Donors and Partners

NPSS is a founder member of NGO FRAIM (NGO Forum for Rural Agro Industrial Management). The NGO FRAIM has more than 170 NGOs as its partners.

Besides this, the organisation has established good relationship with other networking organisations like Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Action Network (UPVAN), Uttar Pradesh Voluntary Health Association (UPVHA), Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) and Credibility Alliance.

Additionally, NPSS has eight network partners of Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat for RCH project and five network partners of Kanpur Dehat, Jalaun, Fatehpur, Hamirpur and Banda district for DFID supported PACS project 'Utthan'.

NPSS is working as resource/technical support agency for capacity building of the community level organisations. The network has provided platform to these NGOs for information dissemination, capacity building and advocacy of different development issues.


NPSS Chairman SM Pandey addressing a network meeting