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  Literacy Programme  

NPSS feels that illiteracy is the singular most important cause of the ills that plague the society and is behind the misery of people. It is already running formal school and computer education as a part of permanent feature for the benefit of the children and youth.

Apart from this, run Continuing Educaiton Centres in a vast number of villages. Additionally, the organisation has made attempts to enhance literacy by in-building a literacy component in different projects wherever possible.

One such project was Mother NGO project under RCH programme, implemented in six districts of Kanpur division. To link literacy with this scheme, NPSS provided training to 20 field NGOs and motivated them to make adult literacy programme as integral part of RCH project. Consequently, the FNGOs paid attention to the cause of literacy and for this they organised number of awareness/ motivation programme for eradication of illiteracy from their respective areas. As a result of this the beneficiaries of the project have better realiszed the purpose of RCH programme components.

Another project which had an in-built literacy component was STEP project, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. This project was focused on providing livelihood opportunity to the women living below poverty line. At each of the 11 centres run under the programmes literacy booklets were provided to the women so that women can collectively come read share their experience and start working for their self help. The literacy effort have helped the women to have enhanced social status.


A view of Continuing Education Centre